This section of the documentation shows how to install mctools. We will cover multiple instillation options here, such as installing via pip and getting the source code.


Before you install mctools, you must first have python and pip installed. We will walk through the process of achieving this. mctools supports python 3.6 and above, but we recommend using the current latest version of python.

More information on installing/configuring python can be found here


You can install python using your system’s package manager. Below, we will install the default python3 and pip using apt, the Debian package manager:

$ apt install python3 python3-pip

It is important to specify that we want the python 3 version of pip, or else it will not work correctly.


Windows users can download python from the python website. The instillation is pretty straightforward, although we recommend adding python to your PATH environment variable, as it makes using python much easier.


You can find installation instructions here.

Instillation via PIP

You can install mctools using PIP like so:

$ pip install mctools

You can optionally install mctools with extra color support:

$ pip install mctools[color]

Reasons on why you should install with color support are outlined in the Formatting Tutorial. Color support is only relevant for Windows installations.

To learn more about PIP and installing in general, check out the Tutorial on installing packages.

Source Code

You can acquire the source code from github like so:

$ git clone

This will download the source code to your computer. You can directly reference the package from your application, or install it using pip:

$ cd mctools  # Move to the directory
$ pip install .

You can also get the tarball from github, which you can download like so:

$ CURL -ol